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Closer View Of The Plaster Terrain

Here is a closer view of my Losi Micro Desert Truck running over the plaster terrain I have made for the modular micro RC track. As you can see there are a variety of molds I have used and a few of the castings have been further worked to ensure the micro RC cars could get over them and add some interest. From the slow motion you can really see how the vehicle works over the terrain.

Video Of 6 Module Big Oval With New Terrain

Here is another view of my Losi Micro Desert Truck running on a 6 module layout that was the same as the onboard video from the previous post (with some minor adjustments).

You can see the terrain elements that I made with Plaster Of Paris on the left hand side. I will show you more on those features and how I made them in a later post.

Onboard Video: Terrain Using Plaster Of Paris Molding

It hasĀ  been a little slow going making terrain so far but I have managed to make some moldings out of Plaster Of Paris. I have shaped a few of these moldings and left some in an as molded state to use as terrain on the track. There will be a separate post with details of how I made the terrain but, for now, I have made a video using my HobbyKing Wingcam onboard my Losi Micro Desert Truck. You can see the plaster terrain flashing by on one of the straights.

HobbyKing HD Wing Camera Test

After seeing some videos of Tamiya Mini 4WD cars with onboard footage I wondered where I could get a camera small enough to run on Losi Micro and Kyosho Mini-Z cars. I figure it could be cool to see the cars running on my track with a first person/race cam type view.

It took me a while but it turned out the answer was in the first place I looked, I just didn’t see it the first time around. HobbyKing actually sells very small cameras that are aimed at the RC plane market they call wing cameras. The camera I got was the smallest version of ‘wing cam’ that runs at 1280 x 720p HD resolution.

Here is a quick video test of the camera on my Losi Micro Desert Truck:

I used four 500W halogen work lamps to provide plenty of light in the room for this video. I had tried it with just the room lights and the video did work with the low level of light but the camera turned the gain right up making the image quite grainy.

As you can hear the sound is not great but it is a tiny car with a tiny motor and tiny gears all adding up to a shrill sound. I actually dropped the volume quite a bit in the video because it was very annoying.

Here is how I mounted it temporarily to the Losi Micro DT without the body on.

LivingRoomRaceway_micro_HD_FPV_camera_1 LivingRoomRaceway_micro_HD_FPV_camera_3 LivingRoomRaceway_micro_HD_FPV_camera_2

Want to try it for yourself? The version of Wing Camera I got is available from HobbyKing on this link.

There is also a larger cousin to this camera which is a little longer and fatter but does full HD 1080p video and has HDMI out. I am not sure on how it would go on a micro RC car but it might work. You can get that one on this link.

Multiple Track Layouts Of The Micro RC Track

Now that I have fixed the tie rod on my Losi Micro DT I have had a chance to test more layouts of the modular micro RC race track I am building. Here is a video of a number of track layouts using 5 or 6 modules. These layouts include:

  • Small Oval (5 modules)
  • b-Shape (5 modules)
  • L-Shape (5 modules)
  • C-Shape (6 modules)
  • Brickyard (6 modules)

It also shows the process for changing between two layouts and adding a module to the layout.


First Test Of Completed Track Modules

I have completed seven of the eight base modules for the micro RC race track and have finally gotten around to making a video of it, so let’s get straight into that…

It worked better than expected although the car wasn’t sliding on the plywood as it did in the earlier ‘Proof Of Concept’ test. I am not sure if that is because I have changed the trim settings on the transmitter, if the batteries are not getting a full charge or if having built up the track on the support it grips better for some crazy reason. The latter seems unlikely I would suggest.

My intent was to show a number of different layout options in that video but as you can see I broke a steering tie rod on the first layout so that was the end of filming. Reading around the forums I see it is possible to make tie rods for the Losi Micro Desert Truck and Micro-T using cable ties. I will give that a go as soon as possible and hopefully show you some more layouts before I start adding terrain to the modules.

Micro RC Race Track Proof Of Concept

So with the module size being determined it was off to the hardware store to start buying some materials and test the idea. I have picked up 8 of the 1200 x 600mm plywood boards in 7mm thickness.

At the time of buying the boards I still was not 100% convinced in my head the size was right, so when I got the boards home I decided to do a little test. I layed out 5 boards, the minimum I think you need to make a track, and tested my Losi Micro Desert Truck on the layout. Given the track system is also modular I tried a couple of other 5 board layouts. Here is a brief video showing the results with three different layouts:

I think it shows that a 1200 x 600 module will be OK for the Micro Desert Truck. It would be interesting to see how the bigger 1:24 Losis (Micro SCT, Micro Rally or Micro Truggy) or a Kyosho MiniZ Buggy would handle it.